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Several of our teachers live and work in Leeds and may be able to arrange lessons there also. Currently we do not have a premises to use in Leeds but we will try to arrange a suitable venue for your lessons.

If you would like to receive tuition from us but do not live in the Harrogate area, it may be possible to schedule lessons for you at the home of one of our teachers or alternatively at your own home in Leeds.

Lesson fees will be higher for lessons taken at your own home due to extra traveling expenses for the teacher and the extra amount of time involved. Fees will vary according to the distances and amount of time involved.


Do ask us if you would like lessons during the daytime. Due to most of our pupils being at school, the evenings tend to be the busy periods for lesson times. It may be preferable to schedule lessons during the day at an alternative venue when the Grammar School is not available to us.

Tuition in Leeds is currently available on the following list of instruments:

Who can we tutor?

Tuition is available to anyone from the age of seven and older. Please note that we may not recommend very young children to start playing on certain instruments. The teachers decision on this matter will be final.

Adults from the Leeds area are more than welcome to start on a new instrument or to continue lessons.